Do you know how resistant is the house / office that lives to be stable against external natural forces such as fire or earthquakes?

Do you know that the safety certification of the structure of a building is NOT the specialty of Architects and Engineers?

Do you know that an adequate level of structural safety in buildings and construction supervision means the protection of life and property of the users?

Do you think about your safety, all maintenance must be given structures know, according to the safety requirements in the building regulations in force?

PRECISA is a Mexican engineering and architecture founded over 25 years ago. Our team consists of specialized technical and architectural designers, structural safety and construction supervision to provide consultancy on aspects concerning the strength and stability of the buildings. We support companies, businesses and organizations in the public and private sectors seeking to certify the safety of the structure of their buildings and the careful supervision and project constructions. NECESSARY Provides its clients a comprehensive portfolio based on its proven experience and using the latest technology to support you from start to finish in all matters relating to their building plans and structural safety services.