Recommend , suggest and guide our clients from planning and projection of a work to completion in order to help them optimize their resources and efforts to ensure that expected objectives will be achieved in the project , respecting the promised delivery time and budget allocated for it. We direct and supervise the construction to offer, as our name suggests, absolute accuracy amenities in its architectural design and structure, administer themselves personally to ensure that the results of our work. In order to provide better service to our clients and focus our resources where their needs require experts in each field, ACCURATE has 4 type of specialization:

Structural design and calculation

architectural project

1-Commercial Buildings
2-Buildings housing
5-Vehicle and pedestrian bridges
6-Stacks, piles
7-Design of foundations for equipment

Integral Corporate paperwork

(Administration and Procedures)

1-Studies, opinions and responsive steward in structural safety
2-Evidence of structural safety
3-Having good safety and operating
4-Civil Protection Programs
5-Environmental impact studies
6-Valuations and surveys
7-Certificates of land use permitted , specific , acquired rights and feasibilities of Service

Audit and Legal Services

( Surveys , Certification and Review of costs in public works )

1-Audit of public works and services related thereto.
2-Claims increase the value of inputs in public works and services related to them

Facility Design

(special facilities and equipment)

1-Hydraulic, electrical and sanitary
2-Design process piping and equipment arrangement